HORSES  - Equisapience 

We Specialize in "high school" horse training  at Liberty and horse's cognitive development. Very often we get asked What is the difference between horse tricks and liberty work from our work - "high school "at liberty?

The trick is done for the entertainment of the person. The goal of schooling horses is to develop the horse body and mind for health and longevity, as well as safe human interaction.

We took classical dressage as the basis but removed elements of force, such as use of bits, spurs and so on. We also added exercises for intellectual development. (cognitive development). The way we see horses and our attitude towards them is different to the traditional approach. For us, any horse is potentially intelligent creature that can show its intelligence as a result of cognitive development. Education is conducted on the same principles as the education of a child.

Liberty training is an excellent way to improve one's interaction with horses. It is also a suitable training method for horses that for some reason can't be ridden or for owners, who for some reason cannot ride.

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